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Sailormoon for the Discriminating Connoisseur

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Are you tired of the same old Sailormoon fanfics? Does no one write with discernible taste or talent anymore? Is it all hopelessly cliche? Do you spend hours looking for decent stories, written by credible authors, who don't always believe in the Miracle Romance?

Well, Virginia, there is an alternative to the fruitless searching.

This community is dedicated to listing only the best of the Sailormoon fanfiction we've found. Members can post and comment; and the stories selected will be subjected to the harsh judgement of us, the fans. English skills are a must, grammatical errors must be few if not absent entirely, and if a plot has been re-hashed, we will make sure you know about it. This ain't your mamma's Sailormoon fanfiction community.

We also have a few rules:

  • Only members can suggest stories. Sorry, but them's the breaks.
  • No one under 18. Why?
  • Adult fanfiction is allowed.
  • All stories suggested will be commented upon; if not by the moderator, anyone and everyone.
  • All stories suggested must at least show a sense of grammar and no excessive punctuation. !!!!! at the end of every sentence is going to be mocked thoroughly, if not deleted.
  • Authors can suggest their own stories.
  • Members can suggest any amount of stories they want, provided each story is a separate entry.
  • Members have to suggest stories, period. Don't join if you don't have any worthy choices.

If you want to find Sailormoon fanfiction on your own, try A Sailor Moon Romance, Aria's Ink, Fanfiction.net, or Sailormoonfiction.com. But prepare for disappointment.